How To Cook For Mother’s Day

Warning: Your Mom Will Be Surprisingly Happy If You Do This For Her!

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Learn How To Cook

A Healthy & Decent Meal

For Mother’s Day Even You Have

No Prior Cooking Experience!

Dear Sons & Daughters,

As you know Mother’s Day is near. Most probably you are now squeezing the last drop of your brain juice to think of the ways to create the best memory for your beloved mom on this very special day. I definitely understand how you feel, I love my mom too.

If you are on this page, it’s because you have never cooked before, don’t know how to prepare the ingredients, don’t have any ideas what to cook, and you’re slow and too shy to ask for help but yet you’re eager to cook a healthy and decent meal for your mom on this very special day. I’ve been there before, so rest assured, you’re not alone.

Chaos in kitchen

Situation that may be happening if you are left alone in the kitchen..?

Thankfully, I’ve managed to find my way out of this and I would love to share my story with you.

Back in the days, my mom used to take care of my daily meals before I moved out from home to further study in a different state which is very far away from my hometown. Even after I graduated and started to work, I seldom went home to eat because I was busy with works and appointments. Most of time, I was eating out. After some time, I started to miss the tastes of the home cook food.

My mom was getting old. She only cooked some decent meals for me once a while when I was back. I knew cooking was not easy and would like reduce her workload by bringing her out for meals. However, she doesn’t really like to eat outside even until today. So, that was always a challenge for me especially during special occasions. I would have to make up tons of stories before I could bring her out.


One day, when I was spending some time with my mom watching cooking shows on TV, the idea of cooking for my mom came across my mind suddenly. Since Mother’s Day was around the corner, I was so determined to cook a decent meal for my mom as an appreciation to her taking care of me for years.

Then, I realized that I had never cooked before. I didn’t know how to prepare the ingredients, worst still, never step into a market before. My mom took care of it all the time. I was a spoilt child. I was embarrassed in my own thought and I couldn’t deny it. My mind was blank and I didn’t know what to cook. I had no idea who I can ask for help other than my mom, the best cook ever in my life. I wanted to give her a surprise, thus I would have to find my way out without letting her know.

scratching head

I was struggling to look for guide and recipes from book stores and over internet for a few nights. Finally, I found this recipe while I was “Googling” for cooking guide and recipes for noobs (literally). Initially, I was quite reluctant to purchase the recipe. But after reading so many testimonials from the satisfied users, I was eventually convinced and decided to give it a try since they are offering 60-day Full Money Back Guarantee”, even up to today.

Here are the testimonials I found from the internet:

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So, introducing to you, The Paleo Recipe Book which will help you counter your cooking challenges immediately.

The-Paleo-Recipe-BookThe Paleo Recipe Book comes with many recipes that are designed to be easy to follow. The ingredients used are all natural and wonderfully fresh, which emphasizing on flavor and visual appeal. My appetite is boosted instantly by just looking at the gorgeous photos. Not to mention, there are a lot of useful and practical tips that help me get started immediately and fast-track my cooking experience.

Today, I’m a happy man who knows how to cook well and healthy. I always cook for my family during gathering or any special occasions. And my family likes the food that I cook for them. Even my 6-year-old nephew gives me a “Thumb up”!

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Now, you can either struggle to research for more cooking guide and recipes and also waste money on complicated recipes and unpractical guide, or you can actually start preparing for Mother’s day and inform your siblings or family about your dinner plan.

We already know what the decision is from you, so here’s what you need to do.

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Hereby wishing you all the best in preparing a decent meal for your mom on Mother’s day and enjoying your cooking journey ahead.

Best Regards,


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